A New Year brings a New Team Member to The Keller Group!

What better way to start the New Year than with a new full-time team member here at The Keller Group (TKG)? We are delighted to welcome Kelsey Beer to her new role as The Keller Group’s marketing coordinator. “Her energy, great attitude and constant smile got my attention,” said The Keller Group’s Founder and CEO, Lee Keller. “It didn’t hurt that she was proactive in sharing her ideas and getting the work done! We’re pleased to have her on board.”gocougs
Upon graduating from Washington State University with her B.A. in public relations and a minor in Spanish, Kelsey joined The Keller Group as a public relations intern last June. After taking the last month and a half off to backpack through Europe, she’s returning to the firm, eager to continue her adventure at The Keller Group! Learn more about our newest team member in her Q&A, below.

Q: What are you most excited for as you transition from public relations intern to a full-time role as TKG’s marketing coordinator?

A: I think what I am looking forward to the most is the fact that I will have the opportunity to do even more; I have more time to invest in new and exciting projects. I am really looking forward to marketing The Keller Group. I want everyone to see what an amazing place this is, and what incredible work our team does.

Q: What is the most helpful piece of career advice you have received from a mentor?

A: A number of different mentors have all given me the same piece of career advice: network yourself! The more relationships you have with people, the better. Sometimes, knowing someone can open doors to some incredible opportunities, like landing your first full-time job; I was lucky enough to have an amazing mentor, Marilyn Hawkins, who introduced me to Lee Keller, the incredible woman who happens to be my new boss. 🙂

Kelsey_SpainQ: What is your favorite part about being in the public relations industry?

A: People. The people I have met in the public relations industry have had some of the most upbeat and fun personalities that I have ever known. I love that relationship building is one of the key factors in making it in this industry. I’ve always been an extrovert and I thrive on being around people. So, of course, I feel like I made the right choice in my area of study.

Q: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

A: Well that’s easy, anything chocolaty! I love chocolate chip cookies, brownies, chocolate covered caramel, chocolate mousse, Oreos; the list goes on. If only there weren’t consequences to this guilty pleasure of mine. At least I work out consistently. That makes it okay, right? 🙂

To learn more about Kelsey, check out her bio on the Team page of our website. She can be reached directly at: [email protected]