Positively Patti Payne

I’m so excited to announce that my amazing mother, Patti Payne, is launching her new chapter – Positively Patti Payne: An Inventive Look at Our World.

Her blog and website will launch soon and she will share everything from musings under her cedar tree that she fondly named Madre, to her frank and smart talk about books, politics, fashion, real estate and more. We’ll even be getting an “online” taste of her irresistible and creative recipes that she makes from her gardens at Payne Acres.

I know she’s very excited to be setting her OWN deadlines and her OWN content for the first time in decades. And I am thrilled for her.

The saying goes that when one door closes, another opens and I know this new door is swinging WILDLY open for her. Thousands of emails and messages to her personally and across social media channels have asked what happened and why she’s not with the Puget Sound Business Journal any more. Let’s suffice it to say this was not her choice, but an absolute “blessing in disguise.” She’s free to think and share and create and do all the things that have drawn so many hundreds of thousands of decision-makers, CEOs and everyday people to her.

Now, I have the honor of helping to shine the light on her and help to give her a platform (not that she needs one!) to share her most creative side.

Watch out, world!

Here comes Positively Patti Payne!

Please sign up below if you wish to subscribe to Patti’s future blog and in the meantime read her most recent thoughts here.


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