Monday Morning Musings

There’s been much to discuss following the controversial Monday Night Football game and what still remains from those Eastern Washington wildfires. Here are some highlights of what is being read on the web and discussed around the office:

Touchdown, end zone, referees..oh my! What a crazy few days it has been following the Monday night game between the Seahawks and Packers. You already know what went down if you have a homepage on your computer, but let’s look at the outcome from two different perspectives: The Seattle Times and the Green Bay Press Gazette.

Secondly, smoke from wildfires on the Eastern side of our state is still a problem as we Seattleites experience a foreign concept to the Pacific Northwest: little to no rain. The fires on the other side of the mountains were sparked by lightning, leaving severely foul air behind as the blazes die down. Here is an article on the smoke in Eastern Washington.

*posted on Wednesday due to office giddiness following the exciting weekend at the Museum of Flight