Overlake Hospital Medical Center rewrites the recipe book on hospital food and it tastes great!

Overlake Hospital Medical Center introduced patients to their new room service program last week, featuring restaurant-quality food and hotel-style service.

The new room service program provides an improved patient experience by giving patients more control over their meals. The new dining program focuses on using the highest-quality, freshest ingredients to create dishes that look appealing and taste great. The new menus have a broad range of ethnic, organic, seasonal and fresh, locally-grown items to choose from. There is a “regular” menu that a majority of patients will use, but other menus to address specific diet needs are also provided. Those menus include a heart-healthy menu and low-sodium and low-fiber menus as well.

On December 16, Head Chef Chris Linaman brought in food samples from the new gourmet menu to the KIRO Radio morning show. Listen to the segment below: