Survival Rate for Cardiac Arrest Rises in Seattle

Patti Payne’s most recent column gives hopeful news that the Seattle area is the best place to be in the nation for surviving a heart attack, particularly as the survival rate continues to increase. The survival rate for ventricular fibrillation, a common form of heart arrest when the heart stops beating, is now up to 56 percent in the Seattle region. This is compared to between 2 and 25 percent nationally and is the highest reported survival rate in the world.

Medic One Foundation’s Executive Director, Jan Sprake, said the increase in survival rates is in direct correlation to the Foundation’s “commitment to constant medical review to ensure the quality of pre-hospital emergency care.”

“Seattle Medic One is the gold standard for pre-hospital care,” Sprake said.

The steadily improving statistics of survival are a testament to the paramedics and community’s commitment  to the Medic One Foundation, which is solely funded by charitable donations to ensure life-saving, top-quality training in the region.

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