95 Gallons of Breast Milk Donated to Overlake Medical Center

Six months ago, The Keller Group and Overlake Medical Center started a campaign to promote the opening of Overlake Medical Center’s new Milk Donation Center. Since then, Eastside mothers have donated 95 gallons of essential and life-saving breast milk! The 95 gallons (around 12,248 ounces) were donated by only 36 Eastside Moms, so just imagine what even more could do! The campaign was covered by all four Seattle-based news stations and has been a huge success.The Keller Group and Overlake Medical Center are extremely pleased to see the large increase in breast-milk donations, which provides life-saving nutrition to premature babies.

However there is no limit to the amount of milk that can be donated. 60,000 infants are born every year with low birth weight and there is still a critical shortage in breast milk. In addition, any unused breast milk at Overlake Medical Center will help support 120 different hospitals in 24 states. This is done through Overlake’s partnership with Mothers’ Milk Bank in Colorado which provides free screening for potential donating moms.

The Keller Group would like to thank all the Eastside Moms, Overlake Medical Center’s wonderful staff, and the local media for making this possible. We hope that people will continue to donate and promote this very important cause in order to make sure every infant gets a chance at life.