Enterprise Washington teams up with The 2012 Project

Enterprise Washington announced yesterday, Nov. 9, it is partnering with The 2012 Project to inspire women with experience in the private sector to run for the Washington State Legislature.   

“We are extremely excited to partner with The 2012 Project to help professional women who are interested in running for public office succeed,” said Erin McCallum, president of Enterprise Washington.

The 2012 Project is a national, nonpartisan campaign sponsored by the Center for American Women and Politics to identify and engage accomplished women aged 45 and up from industries that are currently underrepresented in state legislatures and in Congress. Enterprise Washington is actively recruiting candidates in over 25 legislative districts in Washington state, connecting professional women who are interested in taking the next steps toward a potential candidacy with training and leadership programs, fundraising networks and political support organizations that can help them succeed.

Nationally, The 2012 Project aims to take advantage of new and open seats that will be created as a result of redistricting. Women now only comprise 17 percent of Congress and 23 percent of state legislatures. This under-representation of women in public office does not accurately represent a nation whose population is more than half female.

 With this new partnership, Enterprise Washington will continue to help companies and employees better understand how elected officials establish public policy, and how to become more involved in the political process.

“There is so much talent out there in our state,” said Cathy Allen, one of Washington state’s top political strategists. “If business leaders encourage their female colleagues to run, they have a great chance of winning.”

Check out this video for more information about The 2012 Project.