Happy Holidays!

May your holidays be joyous and bright, and may the New Year bring peace and good cheer.

Holiday 2015

Greetings to our clients and friends.

This is the time of year to pause and reflect — and when we do we are flooded with gratitude. For our co-workers, our clients, and the work we do together; for all of this, we revel in thankfulness.

As an expression of our affection — and in acknowledgement that no one really needs another fruitcake — we have made donations in all your names to two of our favorite causes, (that also happen to be clients): Medical Teams International, for the work they are doing to support Syrian refugee families in Lebanon and Greece; and Medic One Foundation, for funding the exceptional training we have come to expect when we call 9-1-1. (Fun fact: King County is literally the best place in the world to have a heart attack.)

May 2016 bring Peace and Plenty to our families, our neighbors and our world.

And no calls to Medic One.

Joyfully yours,

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Lee Keller and The Keller Group team