Medical Teams International responds to Japan’s deadly earthquake and tsunami

Medical Teams International is working with four partners in Japan to help save lives following Friday’s deadly earthquake and tsunami. Initially, the agency is helping partners truck in safe drinking water to areas affected by the disasters.

“We can best help the Japanese people at this time by providing water, food and money and other items needed for survival,” said Joe DiCarlo, director of international programs for Medical Teams International.

“We cannot send in medical teams because Japan requires in-country medical licensing. So, we are doing what we can to ensure the health of people by providing the water, food and other items they need to survive at this time. And, of course, we are keeping them in our prayers during this unprecedented disaster,” DiCarlo concluded.

Partners on the scene for Medical Teams International are establishing five bases of operation to provide lifesaving help to survivors in five Japanese regions: Fukushima, South Sendai, North Senda, Minami Sanrikucho and Morioka, Hachinohe. Local volunteers will distribute supplies that Medical Teams International provides through cash donations from its supporters.

Linda Ranz, Medical Teams International’s vice president of development, spoke with KIRO 7 news to offer the organization’s support and guidance.