Overlake Hospital Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Overlake Hospital Medical Center celebrated its 50th anniversary, along with the 50th birthday of the first baby born at the hospital.

Kathy Cziprian Soule’ was born on October 16, 1960 at Overlake, a few hours before the hospital formally opened its doors to the public. Kathy, the doctor who delivered her, Dr. Stewart Hilscher, and Delores Barker, the nurse who admitted her, were in attendance at the staff appreciation event and 50th birthday party at Overlake last week. Bellevue Mayor Don Davidson also spoke at the event, discussing the impact and importance Overlake has had on the Eastside community for the past 50 years.

Below are pictures from the event, as well as a clip from Kathy’s interview on Evening Magazine’s Friday night show, which was filmed entirely at Overlake Hospital.

Kathy, the first baby born at Overlake, and Dr. Hilscher, the doctor who delivered her.

Rose Cziprian cuddles her newborn baby, born on October 16, the first day Overlake Hospital opened its doors to the public.

Kathy and Overlake Hospital President and CEO Craig Hendrickson at the Overlake 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Overlake Hospital and Kathy on Evening Magazine on KING 5