The Medic One Foundation needs your help!

The Medic One Foundation is facing an unfamiliar crisis. The Foundation, which funds paramedic training and keeps the greater Seattle area’s Medic One programs up-to-date and with the most advanced equipment, is struggling financially. In the thirty-six years the program has been running, they’ve rarely had to turn to the public to ask for donations.

Now, because of the down economy and fewer funds coming in, they need the public’s help in order to continue to enable our paramedics to save the lives of people all over the region. Without the extra support of the Foundation, our paramedics wouldn’t receive the unparalleled training they do, which includes 2,500 hours of training (more than twice the national average). The Seattle area boasts one of the nation’s highest resuscitation rates for sudden cardiac arrest, at 46 percent.

KOMO 4 News put together a feature segment on the Medic One Foundation’s “money crisis” which aired four times on November 4th and 5th. Jan Sprake, Medic One Foundation’s Executive Director, was interviewed, as well as Sue Nixon, who had her life saved by Medic One Foundation paramedics after her heart stopped while she was driving. Supporting this cause is easy for the public to do, with the Medic One Foundation’s new “text to give” program. Text “MEDIC” to 20222 to donate $10, or log onto and help save lives!

KOMO News Radio also ran a segment discussing all the Foundation does to enable local paramedics to better serve our communities. Ken Schram interviewed Jan Sprake about the nonprofit Medic One Foundation and the importance of continuing to donate to “keep the beat alive.”

Q13 FOX showed their support for the Medic One Foundation with a nearly seven minute in-studio feature, aired the morning of Wednesday, November 10. Jan Sprake, paramedics Brian and Marcy from the Seattle Fire Department and Sue Nixon.