WGU Graduates Earn High Ratings from Employers

100 percent of WGU graduates are prepared for their jobs, according to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive.
The survey, which asked employers of WGU grads about alumni job preparedness and performance, revealed high levels of satisfaction with WGU alumni:
  • 96 percent of employers surveyed said WGU graduates exceeded their expectations 
  • 97 percent rated WGU graduates’ job performance as good as or better than the job performance of graduates from their colleges and university 
  • 100 percent said the WGU graduates they hired were prepared for their jobs; 88 percent said they were very well or extremely prepared

WGU Washington allows working adults to earn the skills and knowledge to keep our state’s businesses competitive in the global marketplace, said Don Brunell, former president of the Association of Washington Business and member of the Washington State Advisory Board for WGU Washington. The university’s model ensures its graduates are well prepared to be valuable, contributing employees.
The unique nature of the model referenced by Brunell has allowed WGU Washington to provide an affordable alternative to traditional models of higher education. After the passage of legislation in Olympia last spring that made WGU Washington students eligible to apply for State Need Grant funds, Washington’s only state-endorsed online university has taken off. Hitting a record 5,000 students enrolled last fall, Washington is home to more WGU students than any other state in the country.
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