WGU Washington Adds New Master’s Program

Adding to its already expansive list of degree offerings, WGU Washington announced yesterday it has launched a new master’s degree program in its College of Business. The online university is now offering students the opportunity to earn a Master’s in Management and Leadership.
“We’re pleased to be adding this new program,” WGU Washington Chancellor Jean Floten said in a statement yesterday. WGU Washington is committed to equipping its students to excel in the workplace, and the addition of the Master’s in Management and Leadership represents yet another way we can help not only our students, but their future employers as well.
The M.S. in Management and Leadership is designed for business professionals who wish to expand their career opportunities or improve their job performance by honing their ability to be effective leaders and managers, whether they aspire to enter management or are already in a management role. Courses will cover team leadership, data-driven decision making and change management and innovation.
WGU Washington is also offering scholarships to students applying to the new program. Valued up to $2,000 each, the scholarships are $500 awards that are renewable for up to four terms.
Interested in learning more about WGU Washington’s new Master’s in Management and Leadership? Visit http://washington.wgu.edu/business/master_leadership_management_degree.