WGU Washington Enrolls 5,000th Student

WGU Washington reached a significant milestone this week, enrolling its 5,000th student.
The largest affiliate of Western Governors University in the country, WGU Washington is a flexible, affordable alternative to traditional higher education options, allowing adults who are balancing family, careers and other responsibilities to go back to school and earn their degrees.
The fact WGU Washington reached this latest enrollment milestone so shortly after its founding (the school was established by the state legislature in 2011) reflects the increasing demand for non-traditional higher education options in Washington state.
WGU Washington Chancellor Jean Floten explained in a news release yesterday, Washingtonians understand a degree is important in today’s job market. Floten continued to say WGU Washington’s model works particularly well for working adults because it offers busy students the flexibility to study on their own schedule.
WGU Washington’s competency-based curriculum affords students an increased level of flexibility and value. Because the university awards credits based on learning, as opposed to hours spent in class, students are able to utilize existing knowledge to move through the course material as quickly as they like. This innovative model has earned Western Governors University recognition from President Obama and, locally, serves as the model for similar programs being adopted by community colleges throughout the Puget Sound region.
Congratulations again to WGU Washington on reaching this impressive milestone, we can’t wait to see what the innovative university achieves next!