petsFreya, Bobkat and Angel bring a combined 21 years of experience to The Keller Group team. Bobkat is our resident expert at locating prime napping real estate (no sunny patch of floor space goes undiscovered). Freya, on the other hand, at only a year old, brings boundless energy and an ability to destroy any kind of dog toy – including those created specifically for tenacious chewers. That tenacity serves her well at The Keller Group.

Finally, Angel, a seven year old Boston Terrier with the Payne Group, is our Chief of Stuff. She consults The Keller Group occasionally and enjoys her playdates with Freya (though much smaller, Angel has made it abundantly clear who the boss is in those interactions). Outside the office, all three pets enjoy eating and spending time with their human brother, Jacob and Angel’s mother, Patti Payne.